Monday, November 18, 2019

Musing #107 - The Simple Writer's Tag

I've decided to make my own tag. I've never done it before, but there's a first time to everything, right? ;D This one is called "The Simple Writer's Tag," and these are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who started the tag
2. Answer the ten "Simple Writer's" questions
3. Tag as many writing friends as you'd like!

*Here is where I would post "The Simple Writer's Tag" graphic . . . if I had one. Sadly, however, I'm not a graphic designer If the tag circles back to someone who does design graphics, feel free to invent one of your own!*

The questions:

1. How do you like to write, by typewriter, pen, or computer? Computer!

2. Do you prefer to write in the first or third person? Definitely first. :-)

3. Do you enjoy doing one POV or multiple POVs? Depends if I'm going for short story or full-length novel.

4. What's your favorite genre to write about? Christian.

5. Who is your strongest writing supporter? My mom!! (and everyone else in my big family, and my friends, and my favorite author . . . yeah, I have a ton of writing supporters, but none as amazing as my mama 😉)

6. What is one thing that gives you inspiration to write? Well, believe it or not . . . food. Just hearing the name of something tasty spurs me to the computer. (the characters may or may not eat a lot in my books . . .)

7. Do you like revision? Uh, yes and no. During revision, when my book is marked up in red and there're comments running all along the sides, I want to scream. Why can't a book be perfect the first time around?? But in the end, I'm quite thankful for revision . . . and I do so love editing others' files. :-)

8. Poems or stories? Stories!! 

9. Can you listen to music while you write? Yes, yes, YES! Who can write without it??

10. Present or past tense? Present is so much more fun! 

Now it's your turn!

I tag:

Lily Cat
Libby May
Sawyer Marie

. . . as well as anyone else who'd like to do this tag, whether on their own personal blogs or in the comments below. 
Can't wait to see your answers!



  1. Oh, so much fun! I have three tags going out tomorrow, so I'll tackle this one next week, or so. Can't wait to do it!!

    1. Yay! I look forward to reading your answers!! <3

  2. Oooooooo! Fun questions! Thanks for tagging me! :)

  3. Cool Tag! Thanks for tagging me!!! Your answers are great! You are a lot like me when it comes to writing. (spoiler alert on what my answers will be) ;)
    ~Brooklyn |

  4. Please be praying for me. I suffer from migraines a lot. Last week I had 5 migraine in a week. I got one today and decided to battle through it with no pain pills. I battled and won but I am still in recovery mode (I could get another one soon if I am not careful) please pray that my migraine will leave it cuts down on so much time.

    1. Of course, Sawyer Marie! I pray for you often. <3
      How is your devotional book coming along? Are you still working on that?

    2. Sort of, I just finished editing a book and so I have been working on that a lot. Thanks for the prayers. <3
      I am just going to comment my answer because I have a lot of posts scheduled for this week/next week...

  5. 1. How do you like to write, by typewriter, pen, or computer?
    I wish I had a typewriter… Defiantly computer. I have a hard time writing with a pen for a long period of time. Plus the computer saves all your pages, when I would probably lose them otherwise.

    2.Do you prefer to write in the first person or third person?
    First person.

    3.One POV or multiple POV’s?
    Depends on if it works together. (Like Wonder) But it won’t work out if it;s a short story

    4.Favorite genre to write about?
    Christian all the way!
    5.Who is your biggest writing supporter

    6.What is one thing that gives you inspiration to write?
    Music. I even got inspiration for a book yesterday from a Christian song.

    7.Do you like revision?
    It’s hard for me to see large parts of my book fixed. I feel kind of disappointed. But, when I am done with revision I feel proud of myself. It makes the book even better.

    8.Poems or stories?
    Stories. I love how it can be a sit-at-the-end-of-your-seat moment(s).

    9.Can you listen to music while you write?
    YES!!! Ok, I can’t write without music!!!!!!

    10.Presence or past tense?
    Present :)

    I tag:
    Ellen, you stole everyone who I would probably tag :)
    So any one who would like to participate!

    Glory to God ~SawyerMarie

    1. Ooh, loved reading your answers! (Particularly to question #9 . . .)
      Thanks for participating in the tagging fun, Sawyer Marie! <3

  6. Aww thanks for tagging me Ellen! I'm excited to do this tag!

    1. No problem, Libby! I was happy to do it. :D


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