Friday, January 18, 2019

Musing #11 - Scripture Tags!

Hi there, everyone! I am super excited to announce that my really-crafty mama is now selling her beautiful, scripture-engraved tags on Etsy. If you are interested in buying one (or two!), go HERE. And be quick! I can assure you that these tags won't hang around for long! 
Each tag is hand-stamped and hand-written with Isaiah 43:7: "You created and formed me You redeemed and called me I am Yours." 
Place a tag on your desk or use one as a bookmark to have a constant reminder that you are His. They also make for great gifts!


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Musing #10 - "In His Hands" Chapter 5

Good morning all, and welcome to my tenth musing - the fifth chapter of In His Hands. Enjoy! 

Chapter 5

“The train is...gone?" Eliza squeaked.
 My head jerked up. "This is all your fault!" 
My fault? No, if anything, it was Rosie’s fault!" Eliza jammed her hands on her hips. "She ran away."
   “You were the one who wanted to get off the train,” I pointed out.
“Rosie was the one who ran away,” Eliza repeated, her voice hot. “If she hadn’t run off, we wouldn’t have followed her.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Musing #9 - "In His Hands" Chapter 4

"In His Hands" consists of seven chapters, so there'll be a chapter today, a chapter this Thursday, a chapter next Tuesday, and the final chapter on the Thursday of the same week. The following Tuesday I'll share something new :-).

Chapter 4

“Eliza!” I whirled on my sister. Fear made my voice harsh. “Where’s Rosie?”

“How would I know?” Eliza’s eyes were huge half-dollars in her small, pale face. She clenched her hands around the stems of her fresh-picked bouquet.

“Well, don’t just stand there!” I threw my flowers to the ground and picked up the heavy skirts of my travelling dress. “We’ve gotta find her.”

Thus, the search began. Eliza and I wandered about, calling Rosie’s name as loudly as we could.

The whole while, my heart was beating hard and fast. My head spun. She is your responsibility, a little voice chanted over and over. I blinked, and several tears sneaked down my cheeks. I’ve failed miserably in my responsibility. I’m sorry, Mama. I’m sorry, Pa. I’m not the reliable—

“Sue! Sue! There! I’ve found her!” Eliza screamed, pointing.
            The two of us bolted.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Musing #8 - "In His Hands" Chapter 3

Howdy, everyone! Welcome to Ellen's Musings! If you're new here, here's a little info on my musings and me :-).

I started this blog in 2018 to write stories and poems (or whatever I'm "musing"!), all for the glory of our Savior. If you'd like to become more familiar with my blog, here's the link to my first post - My First Musing,  and here is the link to the first chapter of my book, In His Hands.  I am posting this book, chapter by chapter, on this blog.
Thank you so much for dropping by. Feel free to view my profile, my posts, and my book reviews. If you have any questions or comments, let me know in any one of the posts' comment form. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Okay, without any further ado, I present my third chapter of In His Hands. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

It wasn’t long before the train began to chug away from the station.

Rosie squealed her excitement and, wrapping her arms around mine, held on tight. Eliza pressed her nose to the window.

Clank, clank, clank went wheels against tracks as the train picked up speed.

“This is so exciting!” Eliza flopped back against her seat and dug her heels into the floor to keep from sliding around as the train jerked and thundered along at rocketing speed. “I think I’m going to like travelling,” she declared.

“Me, too!” Rosie chimed in.

“That is…” Eliza shot me a sly grin. “If we can have a little something to eat. I’m starved half to death.”

I grinned at her. “Why not? Mama’s full picnic basket sounds better to me by the minute, too.”

We pulled out the wicker basket and rummaged through it.

“Cheese sandwiches!” Eliza smacked her lips. “And chocolate chip cookies, and apples, and—”

“Sourdough bread and plum preserves,” I joined in. “Hard-boiled eggs with salt and pepper.”
“And dark cake!” cried Rosie excitedly.
Eliza and I laughed. “Do you mean chocolate cake?” I asked Rosie. “You can’t have any of that until you’ve eaten your supper.” I handed her a cheese sandwich wrapped in a napkin.
“Remember, we have to eat this sparingly,” I reminded my sisters. “Mama packed us enough to last several days, and she also put in two jars of canned goods for Grandmother and Grandfather.”
Mouths full of gooey cheese and Mama’s good homemade bread, Eliza and Rosie nodded.
I helped myself to a sandwich and munched contentedly. So far, so good.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Musing #7 - "Writers Roundup" Giveaway!

Hi, y'all! This isn't my typical post of a story or a poem, but rather a post to tell you of a fantastic new giveaway going on over at "Andi's Blog." You can enter for a chance to win the Writers Roundup book of which I'm so fond (you can find my review for that book in my "Book Reviews" page here on this blog). 

Click the link, enter the giveaway, and have fun!

Giveaway details (in Mrs. Susan K. Marlow's own words) which are found on the Andi's Blog post are as follows: 

wo winners will receive Mrs. M's new Writers Roundup writing workbook. Click over to the giveaway page on the Circle C website to learn more about the book, to download sample pages, and to enter the giveaway. Enjoy! 

Note: This contest it open worldwide. International winners receive a PDF file of the book via email to print out and enjoy. US winners receive a print copy.

Back to my (Ellen's) own words:
In this book you will find amazing and invaluable tips, tricks, methods, and corrections for writing, as well as recommended story-writing contests in which you can enter, a step-by-step guide to publish on, and more! Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! Enter now ;-). 
Giveaway runs January 8-15. 

(Front and back covers of Writers Roundup are shown in the pictures above)


Musing #6 - "In His Hands" Chapter 2

Welcome to my sixth musing: the second chapter of my book, In His Hands. There are seven chapters total, and I plan to post two chapters a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Again, I welcome feedback, suggestions, advice, and ideas. Questions are always encouraged! 

Chapter 2

                     “Stay still!” I begged as I tried to tie the strings to Rosie’s bonnet.

My little sister wriggled and bounced and chattered like a magpie. Would I ever get these bonnet strings tied?

“You promised Mama and Pa that you’d be a good girl,” my ten-year-old sister, Eliza, spoke up from her seat on the settee.
“Good girl!” Rosie beamed.
“Then let me tie these strings.” I quickly knotted the strings in a neat bow and smoothed Rosie’s hair on her shoulders. “There.”
“Are you all ready to go?” Mama asked, walking over.
“I think so.” I stood and clasped Rosie’s hand in mine. “Does Pa have the wagon hitched up?”
“Yes.” Mama looked over my sister and me, and her eyes grew misty. “You’re all growing so big.”
“Oh, Mama, don’t cry.” I wrapped my arms around her in a tight embrace. I easily matched her in height, especially with my high-heeled travelling boots. Dressed up in my Sunday dress, with my hair neatly combed and held back with a frilly ribbon, I did look much older than my fourteen years. It made me feel proud. Why did mothers get upset about their daughters growing older?
Mama returned my hug and stroked my hair. It felt good. Suddenly, I realized how much I’d miss her over the several weeks we’d be apart. She wouldn’t be there to talk with me, or give me good-night kisses, or remind me to brush my hair every morning and wash my hands before every meal.
Tears came to my own eyes, and one slid down my cheek.
 Can I really do this?

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Musing #5 - "In His Hands"

I published my first book in 2018. Using Mrs. Susan K. Marlow's Writers Roundup (see the "Book Reviews" page for details and a picture of that book), I was able to have a step-by-step guide for Thus, I wrote a 10,000 word novel and self-published it with the help of Sandy, who comments on this blog (she gave me the title, In His Hands) and Mrs. Marlow, my all-time favorite author (she helped with the editing). I'm not selling In His Hands on Lulu, or Amazon, or Barnes & Noble; I published it merely so I would have gifts for all my relatives (and friends!) this year *smile*. In the next few "musings," I'll be sharing chapters from this book. I welcome all feedback - good, bad, critical, encouraging, and otherwise - as I someday plan to extend this book and submit it to a real publisher. Enjoy!

Back Cover Summary:

It’s the late 1800’s, and Susan Harris and her younger sisters are on their way by train to visit their grandparents in Fresno, California. Sue is excited. She’ll be the boss for the whole two-week, cross-country trip, and she’s confident she’s mature enough to handle two little girls.

But when the train stops for maintenance issues, the trip takes an unexpected turn for the worse. The girls are suddenly stranded and on their own. Sue must now take her responsibility to a new level. Her sisters’ lives are in her hands, and they’re scared.

So is Sue…especially when she discovers that her hands are not enough.

Will Sue remember in time that there is Someone much stronger than she Who can help them out of this frightening fix? Can she lead her sisters to make an effort to work together and not give up? Or will she trust in her own strength and hope it’s good enough?